Autumn craft projects

Easter egg cosies/hand puppets


These cute little egg cosies can also make hand puppets and are great little craft projects.

You will need:

  • felt
  • craft glue (for fabric)
  • different coloured threads
  • various coloured embroidery thread for details like mouths and paws
  • Trimmings for embellishment (e.g. pom poms, ribbon)


  1. Cut your felt shapes using the pattern below. You could make all kinds of different animals using the basic shapes, but we’ve got a chicken, a lamb and a bunny for Easter. You could easily turn one into a reindeer with some antlers for Christmas!
  2. Glue all the elements (ears, noses etc) you can which won’t interfere when you sew the two main body sections together. It’s much easier to stitch and glue them on before you sew the two sides of the body together but it won’t work for some things. e.g. the lambs ears will get in the way, so they need to go on last.
  3. Sew the two sides together. For the chicken and rabbit you’ll need to sew the bodies on inside out, so careful to pin the ears and chicken’s comb on facing in so they pop out the right way when you turn it back the right way. The lamb can be sewn together without being turned inside out otherwise the woolly shape won’t work.
  4. Once you’ve turned it back around the right way, add any last elements and embellishments.

Egg Cosie Pattern

***keep away from small children as bits of the hand puppets/egg cosies could be swallowed if they come loose***

Hot water bottle covers


Better get some nice cosy hot water bottle covers made in preparation for those chilly nights.

You will need:

  • approx. 2 x A3 size sheets size of fluffy/fuzzy materials e.g. polar fleece. Careful to choose a fabric that doesn’t shed too much and leave fluff everywhere
  • approx. 2 x A3 size sheets of cotton for the lining
  • thread
  • some velcro strips (approx. 12cm will do)



  1. cut out two hot water bottle covers – one in each of the fabrics using the patter below.
  2. sew the two sides of the back of the hot water bottle together inside out.
  3. then turn them around the right way and pin and sew the velcro sides on making sure they will match up nicely.
  4. pin the two sides of the hot water bottle together, fluffy fabric facing in and once again, line up the velcro so it all matches up. Sew together once and then again to edge the fabric so it doesn’t fray. This means that loose threads and fluff won’t keep coming off when washing the cover later and refilling your hot water bottle and it will last longer.
  5. turn around the right way and hand stitch any embellishments on.

Hot Water Bottle Cover Pattern