Summer 2016-17

 Jamaica is a beautiful, tropical island nation in the Caribbean, located 145 kilometres south of Cuba. It’s a country probably best known as the homeland of reggae legend Bob Marley and more recently Olympics track superstar the Usain Bolt.
It’s not hard to see why it’s a popular holiday destination with it’s warm, turquoise waters and vibrant culture full of colour and music… GO TO ARTICLE

Cook delicious fresh tasting meal for friends and family! GO TO ARTICLE

In Bhutan, they don’t bother with measuring Gross Domestic Product – they measure their success in happiness!

The term “Gross National Happiness” reflects an economy based on Buddhism, largely uninterested in material possessions. GO TO ARTICLE

Top tips for growing tomatoes this summer and how to strike a frangipani! GO TO ARTICLE

Cosy and affordable Cottages from around the world! GO TO ARTICLE

Geelong West, Australia: This cottage has so many adorable features! White picket fence with rose garden, wooden floor boards and original fire places! What a gem.

East Sussex, UK: I would pay good money just for the name ‘Snug Cottage.’ This adorable little 1 bedroom cottage is in the sweet village of Robertsbridge in East Sussex.

Burgundy, France: This three bedroom farm house has lots of rustic charm with exposed beams and brick flooring.

Sew: a flower pot handbag!

Dye a dress: Have you got some lovely piece of clothing but it’s got a mark on it? It always happens to white things! Dye them amazing colours with a home dye kit!

Make some mini art: Postcards from art galleries are an untapped resource for covering your walls in the great masters with a teeny, tiny budget!


Sophie Allport’s cute range of melamine cups and plates, portable BBQs and beach picnic blankets are ideal for a little picnic on the beach. GO TO ARTICLE

The album of the season is Fleur Wiber’s in the place of my dreams.

Check out all our songs of Summer! GO TO ARTICLE